Up Up and Away


Visiting now over, we head for home,

leaving Spring green for Winter monochrome.

One last walk with K and Benji the dog,

dragging bags uphill, it was quite a slog.

Hugs and goodbyes said and onto the train,

to YVR and our awaiting plane.

Last minute purchase of goodies for lunch,

Coffee Crisp for Pat, for me Crispy Crunch.

Rolling down runway and up into cloud,

Missions all accomplished, we should be proud.

Over the Rockies and on into YEG,

home to La-Z-Boys to put up our legs.




Vancouver and environs


Rockies and on into YEG



Morning Commute – Vancouver


West End Vancouver seems to move at a snail’s pace at the best of times, but during morning and evening commutes, it can be downright painful Given the other choices available (Skytrain, bus, car share, ride share, walking, bike share, personal bike, ferry and water taxi), I am never sure why many even own a car let alone put themselves through all the gridlock twice a day. Our son has the perfect solution to get from the West End across False Creek to work, rain or shine, winter or summer.

Morning Commute

The noise of Vancouver rises and falls

as traffic jams slow traffic to a crawl.

When presented with traffic congestion,

some opt for an alternate suggestion.

Those living near work can take a short hike,

those further away can opt to ride bikes.

Whether you commute to work near or far

there may be a better choice than a car.


Stanley Park – Vancouver



No trip twice the same

through Stanley Park’s winding paths.

New sights ev’ry day.

We have wandered these paths so many times, we have lost count. So, we chose a slightly different route today. There were highs and lows, but we also had some first time moments. Rather than go back to Prospect Point, we opted for Beaver Lake, not knowing at the time that the paths near it were very icy, but also partially closed, while some production group was shooting a podcast. We were in search of some good fish and chips before we flew back to landlocked Alberta. Rather than opt for Stanley’s at the Stanley Park Pavilion, we headed for the Tea House.

On arriving, we realized that not only had we never eaten there before, but, we had never before been on the paths to or at the Tea House. We were soon seated and our waiter appeared. We had our mouths all set on the Cod and chips selection, but, our server advised that their supplies had not yet arrived and that the fish and chips was not available today. Seeing our sad faces, he offered to try to have the chef prepare salmon and chips. While not our first choice, this would have to do. As he was about to head to the kitchen, word arrived that the cod was now on hand. Yay.

But, I am getting ahead of myself on the wander. Here are pix from the day.

English Bay activities

Birdlife on Lost Lagoon

Along Stanley Park’s trails

Up at the Teahouse

Walking back out of the park.

All in all, a great day for a wander.

Up on the Roof – Vancouver High Rise Living


Amidst the towers

distant laughter can be heard

high up on the roof.

While high rise living does not come with big back yards, many of the apartment and condo towers come with amenities (gyms/common rooms/pools/gardens/roof top decks/etc) to give their tenants a place to go or from which to host gatherings with family and friends. Close to the end of our stay, we got the tour of the 9th floor amenities in one such building and it was impressive, with…

its views of the city



its views of the mountains


and the amenities of an interior suite with kitchen and washroom for entertaining, a large rooftop with BBQ and seating, as well as some landscaping. A great place to spend a lazy summer evening, I would think.




The View from Up Here -Vancouver West End


Vancouver and particularly the West End is a very vertical city, with glass towers popping up everywhere. When you are staying in such a place, you should never think you are invisible. This is a good example of what the song “The Night has a Thousand Eyes” might be saying.

All that being said, it is a wonderful vantage point for photography. Just do not aim your long lens at any particular building or windows for too long. And if you see one pointed your way, smile.

Morning glory

Stained glass window


Down on Davie



English Bay

Toward Coal Harbour

Evening twilight