Jasper National Park in April – Getting there


When friends H & L from Winnipeg told us of their plan to come ski Marmot Basin in Jasper, we did not need much coaxing to accompany them. We were uncertain if one or both of us would ski, but, we are always happy to show people around our favourite mountain park. After a tasty lunch, we piled into our cars and headed West the 4 hours to Jasper. H was still technically working, so rode with me to catch up on phone calls and E-mails, while Pat and L rode together in the other car.

Mountain Splendour

Shining Talbot Lake

bids us welcome to Jasper.

Wildlife fascinates.

Talbot Lake

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Elk (Wapiti)


October 30/18 (Part 3) – Calgary to Canmore, Alberta return – a Face that Would Stop Traffic

As you drive down Highway 1A from Yamnuska to Canmore, you are almost guaranteed to see some Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. This day was no exception as they stood on the road, licking up minerals. We stopped to enjoy the family scene as the ewes and babies seemed to be enjoying a fine grazing day. No rams were in sight, probably a good thing for us.

Rocky Mountain Bighorns are a species native to North America and are really 3 distinct species, one of which is endangered. A pair of fully grown horns can weight up to 14 pounds and a fully grown ram can weigh up to 500 pounds. Once numbering up to 2 million, the population was reduced to several thousand by 1900, due to hunting, competition from ranching and diseases. (Source:Wikipedia)