October 10/18 (Part 5) – Quebec City – Ramparts

Our walk up out of the Old Port took us up onto the ramparts along Rue Port Dauphin.

The ramparts are the only surviving fortified city walls in America north of Mexico.

The original fortifications were constructed by the French between 1620-65 and played a large part in the defense of the city from British attack. In 1759, the British laid siege to the city from positions on the South shore (present day Levis) and after 3 months of near continuous cannon fire, the city was surrendered. In the process, the Royal Battery in the old port below the ramparts was destroyed.

There are 4 surviving gates in the old wall. The nearest one here is Porte Prescott, erected by the British in 1797 and named after Robert Prescott, a distinguished military general who became Governor-in-chief and commander of British forces from 1796-1807.

The fortifications were designated a Canadian National Historic site in 1948 and a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985.