October 10/18 (Part 12) – Quebec City – Autumn Winds

Autumn Winds

Coloured leaves falling,

East winds blow relentlessly.

Black squirrel runs by.



October 10/18 (Part 8) – Quebec City – Rue de Tresor, Artists’ Alley

Rue de Tresor is a very short narrow lane between Rue de Baude and Place d’Armes in front of the Chateau Frntenac. It is one of the oldest streets in the city and has been used for display of art by the local artists since the ’60s. We always come through here when in the City and the hubbub of noise from tourists and artists alike gives a vibrancy to the local art scene.


Long narrow alley

full of local creations.

Tourists stop, buy.


October 10/18 (Part 7) – Quebec City – Place d’Armes

Place d’Armes is a lovely green park space near the Chateau Frontenac. It was once used as a military parade ground and a place for public speeches. It is just steps away from where Samuel de Champlain established his Fort Saint-Louis on Cap Diamant. Champlain’s wife Hélene Boulé also lived there for four years.

The monument in the center of the park is the Monument de la Foi and celebrates the 300th anniversary of the arrival of Catholic missionaries in 1615.



Not far away, church bells still chime

sending tingles all down my spine.

Harking back to an older time,

when hobnail boots marched in a line,

on cold stone cobbles, thick with grime,

and orators would speak on crime.

In this green square now so sublime,

where young children laugh, run and climb.


October 10/18 (Part 1) – Caleches of Quebec City

Like many tourist destination cities, Quebec has its fleet of horse drawn Caleches to take tourists on a slow historical tour of the Old City. Whether it be a tour of discovery or a romantic proposal, it is best to book ahead for these tours, as the lines can be long in peak tourist season. There is a petition in Quebec City to ban these slow moving vehicles. After all, it is difficult enough to drive around the narrow streets behind the walls. We found walking much easier.

Tourist Trap

The gentle clip-clop

of horses hoofs on cobbles.

Tourist mouths agape.



October 9/18 (Part 5) – Nackawic to Quebec City – along the South Shore

Looking for a slower pace for our trip into Quebec City, we detoured onto Route 132 at St. Jean Port Joli. We were now down by the Saint Lawrence River, drifting lazily through small towns and villages, each with its own gleaming church. On through L’Islet-Sur-Mer, L’Anse-a-Gilles, Cap. St. Ignace, Pointe St. Michel and finally Beaumont, before heading back up to Route 20 and our final leg into the Quebec City traffic melee. What must these places have been like before the advent of the automobile and high speed roads?

Enjoy the View

Reminders of a gentler time

when travel speed was more sublime.

Up gentle hills we’d slowly climb

past the steeples where church bells chime.

Through summer heat or winter clime

This journey was worth ev’ry dime.




Warm Wishes for a Happy New Year

Warm Wishes

To all my Dear Readers from places both near and far

and to all my followers, you know who you are.

To those whose Views, Likes and Comments keep me going

and to those who stop by leaving no Likes showing.

To all those of you who read every last post

and those who may read one line at the very most.

I hope my posts are informative or funny,

as I post for fun, not to try to make money.

To bloggers I follow who keep me entertained

with tales of travel, hope, courage, fear and deep pain.

And those whose humour has me rolling on the floor,

I wish you a Happy New Year and many more.


Happy New Year Everyone and All the Best in 2019. Thanks for Reading.




October 9/18 (Part 1) – Nackawic, New Brunswick to Quebec City, Quebec – On Our Way

The time has come for us to head home. Rested and relaxed after almost 3 weeks in the Maritimes, we are itching to see new sights.

But, we are not taking the direct route. 10,000 kilometers in and only 7,000+ to go. What new adventures await us. Stay tuned and find out.

On the Road Again

Coffee and breakfast

completed and all packed up

We drive away West.