October 10/18 (Part 4) – Quebec City – Levis

Levis is a city on the South shore of the Saint Lawrence River, directly across from Quebec City. The current iteration was created in 2002 by the amalgamation of 10 cities, including Levis, which was founded in 1861. Population as of 2017 was 144,147. A ferry links Old Quebec with Old Levis.

There is evidence of human habitation on Point Levy (Levis) dating back 10,000 years. First Nations peoples favoured the area long before French settlement, because of its ideal location where the Saint Lawrence and Chaudiere Rivers join.

In 1759, during the Seven Years War, General James Wolfe and the British forces used the area to lay siege to Quebec City. The siege was successful and the city fell after 3 month of relentless cannon fire on the city and Plains of Abraham.


We have taken the ferry to Levis on previous trips, but, did not venture over on this day.