Jasper National Park in April – Pyramid Overlook Trail #Take 1

H & L were back for another day of skiing at Marmot Basin, leaving Patty and I to our own devices. After a tasty breakfast at the Sunhouse Café, we set off to enjoy one of our favourite Jasper hikes up Trail 2b, Pyramid Overlook Trail. We were not going the whole way, just up to the rocky bench overlooking Patricia and Pyramid Lakes. A total of 4 km return.

Up a slippery slope

Slip sliding our way

up Pyramid Overlook.

Spectacular views.

The photos speak volumes……….


Pyramid Lake and Mountain


pine needles in the snow


close-up of Pyramid Mountain


snow skiff patterns on Pyramid Lake


mountain view


Pyramid Mountain


Mountain Pine Beetle destruction


forest footnotes


lake views


Mountain Peaks


the marsh below


the forest and Red Chairs

4 thoughts on “Jasper National Park in April – Pyramid Overlook Trail #Take 1

  1. Hi.
    Greetings Allan + co. Hope
    all good. There. Herein… 👍

    is somethings. Many things
    actually. The Southern Parts
    of The Land Down Under…
    where i, Shiro. So be. So be…

    so Missing. Snow

    and associated LandScapes.
    WildLifes as well. Well as
    loved the rugged Mounts.
    Nomen also. Also in Our World.
    Legends Tell of an Island. There.
    So named.?.

    A Triple peek Pyramidical in deed.

    The Red Chairs…
    stand outs too. To say
    Our Outback… not like Yours.
    At Alls. Like it…’cept. For
    those Beetles Ways. Lots. Many

    good wishes. Ons Your Journeys
    Allan + co. Stay Safe, Well. Well as
    Till Next… Shiro 😎

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely, the Land Up Over is different from the Land Down Under. I have been to NZ 4 times and Aus only twice. NZ is more like Canada in some ways than Aus. Thanks for reading Shiro and stay well. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

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