Jasper Townsite in April

Jasper is a small mountain town in Jasper National Park, 362 km. West of Edmonton, the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. As it is situated in the protected Jasper National Park, it is a specialized municipality governed by the municipality and federal Parks Canada and is subject to a lot more rules and regulations than most Alberta towns. (SOURCE:Wikipedia)

Anyone who has visited both Banff and Jasper can see a vast difference in how these two towns have been developed. I often joke that Banff is a “shopping center with mountain scenery” while Jasper is a “mountain town”.

Given its distance from Edmonton and the fact that Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies at 11,000 square kilometers, crowds are a lot smaller and there is plenty of space for all. The population of Jasper was 4,590 as of the 2016 census. Accommodation choices vary from campsites to guest houses to cabins, hotels and motels. (SOURCE:Wikipedia)

We love Jasper, but it can due to its smaller size, the town can be crowded in peak summer and winter skiing months. At these times, accommodation can be scarce and prices can soar. We prefer to visit in shoulder or off season.

Views from our Chateau Jasper hotel room


Sunrise beauty from Geikie Strreet


Views from Patricia Street, the main shopping street.


This view of the upper tram station on the Jasper Tramway up Whislters’ Peak is visible from Connaught Drive (with a 50x zoom)


Older buildings abound. The feature photo is Parks Canada Building. The old firehall below is now used for live theatre.


Despite its small size, there are plenty of dining options in Jasper from our favourite bakeries, the Bear Paw and the Other Paw to higher end fare from Evil Dave’s Grill (photos of meals below).



On this trip, we also discovered the Sunhouse Cafe, a delicious spot for coffee, breakfast and lunch. Photos below.


We have been visiting Jasper for more than 40 years and always enjoy a return visit in any season. When we travel with someone who has not seen it before, it is like we are seeing it again for the first time, as well.


6 thoughts on “Jasper Townsite in April

  1. You should also mention that in Jasper a person will always be able to find parking. If it’s not in front of where you are going it will be nearby. In Banff parking can be as elusive as it is in downtown Calgary or Edmonton.

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  2. What, take a car into Banff? In summer, I think Banff institutes bus transport service into the town. The good thing about Calgary is that it is close to the mountains. The bad thing about Calgary is that it is close to the mountains. And, don’t even get me started on Lake Louise. No parking by the lake by 10 AM and up to a two hour wait for a bus ride to the lake by 11. The price of popularity, I guess. Thanks for reading Glen. Allan


  3. Sounds like a great place for a wedding. Too bad about the cold and smoke. We were there in August for a family get together and the smoke was an 11 on the scale from 1-10, like smoking 14 cigarettes. Almost as bad here today. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


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