Stanley Park – Vancouver


No trip twice the same

through Stanley Park’s winding paths.

New sights ev’ry day.

We have wandered these paths so many times, we have lost count. So, we chose a slightly different route today. There were highs and lows, but we also had some first time moments. Rather than go back to Prospect Point, we opted for Beaver Lake, not knowing at the time that the paths near it were very icy, but also partially closed, while some production group was shooting a podcast. We were in search of some good fish and chips before we flew back to landlocked Alberta. Rather than opt for Stanley’s at the Stanley Park Pavilion, we headed for the Tea House.

On arriving, we realized that not only had we never eaten there before, but, we had never before been on the paths to or at the Tea House. We were soon seated and our waiter appeared. We had our mouths all set on the Cod and chips selection, but, our server advised that their supplies had not yet arrived and that the fish and chips was not available today. Seeing our sad faces, he offered to try to have the chef prepare salmon and chips. While not our first choice, this would have to do. As he was about to head to the kitchen, word arrived that the cod was now on hand. Yay.

But, I am getting ahead of myself on the wander. Here are pix from the day.

English Bay activities

Birdlife on Lost Lagoon

Along Stanley Park’s trails

Up at the Teahouse

Walking back out of the park.

All in all, a great day for a wander.


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