The View from Up Here -Vancouver West End

Vancouver and particularly the West End is a very vertical city, with glass towers popping up everywhere. When you are staying in such a place, you should never think you are invisible. This is a good example of what the song “The Night has a Thousand Eyes” might be saying.

All that being said, it is a wonderful vantage point for photography. Just do not aim your long lens at any particular building or windows for too long. And if you see one pointed your way, smile.

Morning glory

Stained glass window


Down on Davie



English Bay

Toward Coal Harbour

Evening twilight


2 thoughts on “The View from Up Here -Vancouver West End

  1. Yup. Everybody wants to live in Vancouver and there is a price to pay for that and these days it is a high price. Great to visit, but not sure I could live there. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


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