Bike Route – Vancouver

The perfect day and the perfect guide led us to undertake a 40 km bike ride past our Vancouver son’s bicycle infrastructure projects down to Jericho Beach (where we took the feature photo from).

Our son rides a bike to and from work and all around Vancouver. In fact, he has no car and my thoughts on this is why would you need one in Vancouver. Between pedestrian and cyclist accessibility and the mass transit options, a car is a serious expense and liability.

We did learn that in order to keep up with our son, we either need to be in top shape and riding a tandem bike or be on E-bikes. We chose E-bikes this day as there are two rental shops nearby where we were staying and we had not been cycling for some 5 months (snow).

Without further ado, I give you the photos from the day…

…from downtown and over False Creek on the Cambie Bridge…


…along the Great Northern Way by MEC Headquarters…


…around Olympic Village…


…near Pacific Boulevard showing the view of the “Lions” on zoom…


…through Gastown and Chinatown… (Gassy Jack top right and the narrowest office building in the world, the 6 foot wide Sam Kee Building on the bottom)


…along South False Creek past Granville Island…


…from Jericho Beach (it was the clearest day we had ever seen on any of our trips to Vancouver)…



…at Beaucoup Bakery on Fir Street near Granville Island (best Peanut Butter cookie, ever)…


…riding across the Burrard Bridge and home to the West End.



2 thoughts on “Bike Route – Vancouver

  1. Youth and good knees. I bought my wife and E-Bike and now when we cycle at home, the pressure is all on me. Not a bad thing when you want to stay in shape. Cheers. Allan


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