September 11/18 (Part 1) – Sault Ste. Marie to Minden Hills, Ontario – The Kilometers Just Pyl-on

We had a seven hour drive ahead of us today, so no real time for stopping.  That lasted for about an hour and a half until we neared Blind River….


…and this accident scene, which apparently led to a fatality. The Feature photo pylon was our companion for this half hour and as it turned out for most of the day, as it’s friends were strewn all along our path that day.


After half an hour, traffic control showed up and we were rerouted through a small village and back on our way.

Below is another of the Great Lakes…Lake Huron – surface area of 23,007 sq. mi. (59,588 sq. km.), maximum length of 206 miles  (302 km.), maximum width of 183 mi. (295 km.) and maximum depth of 750 feet (229 m). (Source:Wikipedia)


OK, so more rolling rocks, trees and water scenery, inter-mixed with roadwork, orange pylons and traffic slow downs. The Trans Canada skirted Sudbury and we elected not to go in, which was likely a mistake, as after that, the new highway route had little in the way of facilities (washrooms, gas stations, restaurants, etc.). Our needs not being met, we turned off to the little town of Estaire and a country gas station. Washroom?-Check. Token bag of chips purchased?-Check. Info about nearby restaurants obtained?-Check. OK, we had a destination for food.

Hungry Bear House at French River.


Over the French River.


With glimpses of water through the trees at times.


Past numerous areas of road construction and Parry Sound.


The road just went on and on and on.


Finally, we turned off to Bracebridge and our eventual destination in Minden Hills. We were in lake country and we were looking forward to getting out of the car and a tall glass of wine, not necessarily in that order.


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