September 10/18 (Part 2) – Wawa to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario – Lake Superior – Provincial Park – Sand River Hike

Our plan for the day was to take a couple of moderate hikes in Lake Superior Provincial Park between Wawa and Sault Ste. Marie.

This is one of the largest provincial parks in Ontario at 1,500 square km (600 sq. mi.). Established in 1944, it is located on Highway 17 (part of the Trans Canada Highway at this point) about 23 minutes South from Wawa. A daily use vehicle permit costs $14.50 between May 4 and October 28. The park has a variety of hikes, topography and campgrounds. Checking in at the North Park office, we asked what their favourite hikes were and they suggested this one as well as Katherine Cove (next post).

The hike is a 3.5 km moderate out and back hike, along the Sand River past a series of waterfalls, with an elevation gain of 124 meters. It was a fabulous hike and a great spot for quiet contemplation (although the falls were certainly not quiet).

Autumn Falls

Sand River rushing

down to Lake Superior.

Blue skies shine above.

The photos will tell the rest of the tale.





7 thoughts on “September 10/18 (Part 2) – Wawa to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario – Lake Superior – Provincial Park – Sand River Hike

    1. Thanks Denise. Getting out of doors is always good, especially when you are on a 2 month drive across the continent.
      As to the award nomination, I have already done my post on this and found the requirements fairly simple, just like the other 3 awards I was nominated for. I actually think that the nomination is as far as it goes and is meant as promotion of your blog spot to all those who follow the blogger who nominated you. Some people look at this as the blogger’s version of a chain letter and refuse to accept the nomination. I had this happen to me on one award nomination. Either way, it is nice to be thought of as worthy by anyone in the blogging community. Cheers. Allan

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