December 9/18 (Part 2) – Thunder Bay to Wawa, Ontario – Terry Fox, a Real Canadian Hero

This is a re-post of my September 17/18. I need say nothing more, but I am adding photos.

We had previously seen the locations where Terry dipped his toe into the Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland, before he started his cross Canada run and we saw the point in Victoria, B.C. where he had planned to dip his toe into the Pacific Ocean. Just East of Thunder Bay is the Terry Fox Memorial and Lookout. In addition to the statue, there is an interpretive center. Parks Canada was setting up a display on site this day and this turned out to be fortuitous, as we gained knowledge of both a hike and a restaurant on our route ahead (future posts)

Unfortunately, that was not to be as Terry’s cancer recurred somewhere around Thunder Bay, Ontario after completing 143 days and 5,373 kilometers (3,339 mi) and I can not use the word “only” here, as this is still an amazing accomplishment for a brave young man who had already lost one leg to the disease. (Source:Wikipedia)

His goal was to raise a million dollars.  Runs are still completed each year in his name and as of 2018, more than $750 million has been raised. Terry was only 21 when he started his run, but was much wiser and more compassionate than his years would indicate. A true Canadian hero. (Source: Wikipedia)



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