October 29/18 (Part 4) – Medicine Hat to Calgary, Alberta – the Calgary Agenda

Calgary was  founded in 1875 when the North-West Mounted Police entered Fort Calgary to try and police the area, became a town in 1884 and a city in 1894. It is named for Calgary on the West coast of Mull in Argyle and Bute, Scotland. Situated at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers, pre-Clovis people inhabited the area as far back as 11,000 years ago. A variety of First Nations tribes have called the area home since then. The economy is based on agriculture and oil and gas, among other things and Calgary has the second highest number of Head Offices in Canada, after Toronto. Population as of the 2016 census was 1,239,220. It is home to the world famous Calgary Stampede and hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics. (Source:Wikipedia)

For a guy who used to be in Calgary 30 times a year, when I was working, I certainly do not get to Calgary very often in retirement. No real need to go.

But at the end of our 60 day road trip, we had an agenda for our stop in Calgary:

#1) Grab a coffee at Phil & Sebastian Coffee. We managed to do this at their new location in the East Village, where they are in a co-tenancy with a few other food places in the Simmons Building. We also grabbed some mushroom-veggie pizza slices from Sidewalk Citizen. All was yummy and I also scored some coffee beans for home.


#2) Go for a bit of a walk. Well, we were stopped in the East Village and there were walking paths along the Bow River. Mission accomplished.


#3) Visit the rellies. We had called ahead and were stopping in to visit Aunt L and cousins L & R after lunch. We had a great catch up.

and the views from Aunt L’s condo were pretty good….for Calgary. No the airport is not right outside her place. I have a 50X zoom lens.


#4) Eat at the Broken Plate Greek Restaurant in Willow Park. Sorry, no photos, I was too busy eating, but the food was great as always. We also managed to pop into Pipestone Travel store to shop the fall deals.

#5) Stay in a comfortable, quiet hotel. We found such a place at the Wingate by Wydnham, a newer hotel out by the airport. It was a bit out of the way to drive into and there were no facilities around it, but we enjoyed our stay, nonetheless.


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