October 27/18 (Part 1) -Weyburn to Regina, Saskatchewan and back – Rider Nation (in Enemy Territory)

When we first planned this trip, my Patty expressed a strong desire to visit Regina, capital city of Saskatchewan, as she had never been here before. I promised I would make it happen.

We decided we would drive in with our Weyburn hosts who knew the city well and promised to give us a tour.

Our first stop was the new Mosaic Stadium, home to the Canadian Football League’s Saskatchewan Roughriders and the CFL’s most rabid fans.

The Roughriders were formed in 1910 as the Regina Rugby Club and are the 3rd oldest continuously operating team in North America. Only the Arizona Cardinals and Toronto Argonauts have been in continuous operation longer. In 1924, the name was changed to the Regina Roughriders and to the current name in 1936. They played in historic Taylor Field from 1936-2016, moving to their new home, Mosaic Stadium for the 2017 season. They have finished first in the West 7 times, been Western Conference champions a record 28 times, played in the Grey Cup game 19 times and won the trophy 4 times. As the only major professional sports team in Saskatchewan, they draw their fans from the entire province. These fans are affectionately called Rider Nation and sometimes, not so affectionately called Combine Pilots, Stubble Jumpers and Watermelon Heads (for their habit of wearing football helmets carved from watermelons). (Source:Wikipedia)

As loyal Edmonton Eskimo fans, we have had a love/hate relationship with this team ever since we can remember. At the current time, it is mostly hate as former Edmonton Eskimos Head Coach, Chris Jones left the Eskies just 5 days after we won the Grey Cup in 2015 to join Saskatchewan, not even giving Edmonton a chance to enjoy their win. I guess, as they say, that’s sports.

And, so we come to this day, where we are willingly driving our relatives, who are wrapped in the their green colours into the heart of Rider Nation on a game day. YIKES!



2 thoughts on “October 27/18 (Part 1) -Weyburn to Regina, Saskatchewan and back – Rider Nation (in Enemy Territory)

  1. I’m totally with you on the team thing yet I cant help but admire people who wear watermelons on their heads. It’s very … lamp shade-y, and I’m all for lamp shades worn as hats, ha ha.
    Saskatchewan fans are the ginchiest!! A lovely bunch of nuts 🙂 Our team is still better though!

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