October 10/18 (Part 6) – Quebec City – Wandering About

There is much more to see in Quebec City besides the Old Port. In order to see some new territory, we walked up the gradual incline of the streets below the ramparts until we were on top of them, beside the cannons on Rue des Remparts (previous post).

We soon found ourselves by the old post office building designed by architect Pierre Gauvreau and completed in 1873. The building was renamed in 1984 to commemorate Louis St. Laurent, Prime Minister of Canada from 1949-1958. (Source:Wikipedia)


We made our way by Cathedrale-Basilique Notre Dame (feature photo). The cathedral has been on this site since 1647 and destroyed twice by fire. Destroyed in 1759 during the siege of Quebec, it was rebuilt with completion in 1843. In 1922, the church was again gutted by fire by a Canadian faction of the Ku Klux Klan. (SOurce:Wikipedia)

Before ducking into the Rue du Tresor (artists’ alley), we paused for a view of the Price Building, an 18 floor (originally 16) sky scraper built in 1930-31 at a cost of $1,000,000 C. It is one of the oldest sky-scrapers in Canada and the tallest building in historical Quebec. Renovations, including the additional 2 floors were completed in 2005. The building houses municipal and corporate offices and the 16th and 17th floors are the residence of the Premier of Quebec. (Source:Wikipedia)


We ducked down Rue du Tresor into Place d’Armes (separate posts) before taking a look back past the Cathedral and down Cote de la Fabrique for a bit of window shopping.

5 thoughts on “October 10/18 (Part 6) – Quebec City – Wandering About

  1. Hi John. Yeah, until I started researching the history of some of the places we had traveled, I did not know the KKK had a brief history in Canada. One more place farther West also had quite the KKK following for a while. Thanks for reading. Allan


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