October 10/18 (Part 3) – Quebec City, Quebec – the Old Port

Vieux Port as Quebec City’s Old Port is known was once the main center for merchants transporting supplies to the new town. It was once one of the five biggest ports in the world and today is a very popular cruise ship destination. Today, it is one of the main tourist attractions in Quebec City and offers outstanding views of the buildings, the St. Lawrence River and nearby Laurentian Mountains. (Source:Wikipedia)

There are plenty of shops to suit every budget and enough restaurants and cafes to tempt every palette. The day we visited was a bit grey and blustery, as we ventured down the wide wooden steps (we were too cheap to pay for the funicular on such a fine day).

Crowds were not large, but were steadily increasing, as there were a couple of cruise ships in port.


Between the gusts of wind and showers, a harpist and guitar player took turns entertaining the shoppers.


And there was a photo opportunity at every turn.

Brightly coloured historical stone buildings.

Beautiful murals.

A brightly coloured canopy of umbrellas.

Whimsical art pieces and Halloween scenes.

The whole area really brightened up an otherwise dull day.


5 thoughts on “October 10/18 (Part 3) – Quebec City, Quebec – the Old Port

  1. We had forgotten how beautiful QC was. Glad we stopped back again. As to the car art, they should have used a Plymouth Satellite instead of a Nissan. That would have been more ARTful. Allan


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