October 10/18 (Part 2) – Quebec City – Le Chateau Frontenac

Like the Opera House is to Sydney, the Fairmont Chateau Fontenac is an iconic symbol of Quebec City.

Built in the Chateauesque style, the hotel opened in 1893, is 79.9m (262 feet) tall and contains 18 floors.  It was one of the first Grand Railway Hotels completed in Canada. Situated on the promontory of Quebec, 54m (177 feet) above the old port, it is in a position of prominence and can be seen from all over the old city.

The building was expanded 3 times, the latest being in 1983. It was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1981. (Source:Wikipedia)

It is very photogenic day or night.



4 thoughts on “October 10/18 (Part 2) – Quebec City – Le Chateau Frontenac

  1. Definitely. Quebec City was one of the main centers of New France from Jacques Cartier’s exploration in 1534 to the Treaty of Paris in 1763. While the British may have been granted New France in the Treaty, there is no doubt that the French influence is in play on this and many other historic Quebec buildings. I always say, it is like traveling to Europe, while staying in Canada. Thanks for reading. Allan


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