September 30/18 (Part 3) – Port Hawkesbury to Ingonish Beach – Masterpiece

Our main reason for stopping in Port Hawkesbury was to visit with our neighbour’s parents, M & E. M is a Master carpenter, whose projects run the gamut from houses to scale ship models to clocks and musical instruments. Our goal was to introduce our fellow travelers to M and E. Lloyd is an accomplished musician and composer and we were now in the heartland of Celtic music. The rest of this story, I will tell with a poem.


Arriving at M and E’s, the front door opened wide,

with warm words, hugs and handshakes, quickly ushered inside.

Eager voices chattering on, we quickly caught up,

on news, new and old, before a house tour was set up.

Past artistic woodwork and handcrafted creations,

including many with musical applications.

One by one, Lloyd picked them up, bringing each one alive

and entertaining us all, there were smiles and high fives.

Out came the mandolin for Allan to try his hand,

not nearly as perfect, his skills needed to expand.

All too soon it was time for our group to move along,

but, first the piano and Lloyd gave us one last song.

E made sure she had packed us up some donuts, fresh made,

photos, hugs and promises, our goodbyes were soon said.

But, wait, Lloyd’s gaze lingered on one fine lap steel guitar,

it was soon purchased and loaded into our packed car.

This stop was one visit that we four would long treasure,

visiting M and E’s home is always a pleasure.


Little did I know that the My Patricia would gift me the mandolin for my 65th birthday. This was a selfless gift, as the high note sound of the mandolin is not her favourite. As long as I practice while she is away, all is good.


2 thoughts on “September 30/18 (Part 3) – Port Hawkesbury to Ingonish Beach – Masterpiece

  1. Thank you for visiting my parents. They were so excited to have you visit once again and to meet Linda and Lloyd. Lloyd’s musical talent was very much appreciated and blew them away, they still talk about the amazing musician from away that stopped in for a visit. Lloyd would be a welcomed addition at kitchen parties, too bad there’s such a distance between the two homes. Dad is very happy to see his instruments go to good homes. Hopefully one day, in the near future, we’ll find ourselves down there together again at a kitchen party. Thanks again…..


  2. Always a pleasure to see your folks. They made us so welcome and Lloyd was in heaven with all the music in the house. Can’t wait to see how quickly he learns the lap steel guitar. And I really love my mandolin. Nice to have a piece of art that plays so well. Allan


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