September 29/18 (Part 3) – Wolfville to Port Hawkesbury – the Eastern Shore

After Sheet Harbour, our plan was to continue along the Eastern Shore, seeing a few small out-ports, before heading back West to Antigonish and Port Hawkesbury, where we would spend the night.

One of these out-ports was Ecum-Secum. Why did we want to go there? No reason, the name just sounded neat. Despite our best efforts, we never did find the place, but traveled along the Eastern shore as far as Sherbrooke, before heading to Antigonish. Along the coast, we spotted the beached fishing boats below. It was a great day for a drive, but we did not have much time to sight-see. Perhaps, next time.

We did stop in Sherbrooke to search for a coffee. While there was no coffee shop, the local grocer did have a Keurig, which was the only option. We were truly in the Boonies.

But Sherbrooke, a small village on the banks of the St. Mary’s River is not without history. It enjoyed a gold rush in the 1860’s that lasted for 2 decades. Today, the Sherbrooke Village open air museum of about 30 buildings depicts life during the gold rush.




6 thoughts on “September 29/18 (Part 3) – Wolfville to Port Hawkesbury – the Eastern Shore

  1. All fishing boats are pulled out of the water for the winter so they don’t get damaged. This one could have been pulled up and never put back in the water cause it needed repairs or perhaps the owner moved out west for work, 🙂


  2. I think the boat was beyond repair and had been out of the water for some time. Owner may have lost his license or may have retired. In any case the boats on the shore were a strange sight, like memorials to a bygone time. Allan


  3. Hello Allan, it’s the boats for me. I’m a sucker for old boats. Just attended a book signing for a new author. He and his partner rebuilt a 1954, 45 ft Chris-Craft, and sailed it from Texas to Cincinnati. The book is called River Queens. I went in expecting a conversation about paddle wheelers on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, and left with a much different story. Hope all is well up north. -Peter

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  4. I agree. These boats stranded up on the beach in such a state of disrepair have a story to tell, I am sure.That Chris-Craft trip must have been a challenge. Things are fine up North, other than snow and reprisals from China. Hope that mess sorts itself out soon. Still better than Britain’s BREXIT flub. Yikes. All the best. Allan

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