September 27 (Part 5) – Digby to Wolfville – in Wolfville

After picking up our travelling companions at the Digby Ferry, we had a 90 minute drive to our stop for the night. We had settled on Wolfville as this was the town with the Magic Winery Bus (more on this in a later post).

Wolfville is located in the Annapolis Valley and was settled in 1755 and incorporated in 1893. The population as of the 2016 census was 4,195, but the town seems much bigger than that. It is home to Acadia University with an enrollment of 3,495. As with most University towns and cities, the students add life and vibrancy to the area.

Our exposure on the first night was check-in at our B & B Tattingstone Manor (feature and last photo below) and our walk downtown for supper at Paddy’s Brewpub and Rosie’s Restaurant. The meal was typical pub grub and the brews, while OK were unremarkable. At a point when we were almost ready to go home, we were joined by local Archie Brown who “liked to talk to people” and expounded eloquently about himself, even volunteering to sing us a song. Bill paid, we were soon on our way back home through the deepening evening.



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