September 19/18 – (Part 4) Matane to Percé – Rocher Percé (Percé Rock)

Along the route this day, we adapted our plans from hiking Forillon National Park to hiking the Percé Geopark to just getting to Percé to see the rock and wander the town. Arriving at 3:15, we checked into our motel with a purported view of the rock and were crestfallen (polite form of P O’d) to see we had been assigned a cabin in the back row. Back to the office to inquire and we were told we could get a front row room for no extra cost, but that there were power lines in the view. Imagine our surprise when we walked in and found not only the view, but a much bigger more well fitted out cabin. I guess that goes to show you that sometimes, you just need to ask.

The feature photo is from our walk through the town and the photo below is from our room. Yes, there are wires in the view, but who cares, right?


Into the town we went to explore. Surf crashed, the breezes blew and the gannets soared high above us. Ile Bonaventure is a huge bird sanctuary with over 293 species migrating through or calling the island home at some point in their life cycle.DSC03557DSC03537DSC03556DSC03581DSC03582

It was too early for dinner, so we drove back up to our cabin to wait for the restaurant to open. We were near the sea, so a good fish and chips dinner was on our wish list. La Maison Mathilde did not offer fish and chips, but their 3 course table d’hote menu filled the bill and all was delicious.

Dinner over, it was time to head back up the hill for a nightcap on our deck overlooking Percé.



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