September 19/18 – (Part 3) Matane to Percé – Murdochville -Inland Industry

The Gaspé is not all about the Saint Lawrence. It is a wide peninsula with high hills, lots of trees and rocks. Wanting a shorter driving day, so we could spend more time at Percé, we headed inland at L’Anse Pleureuse (Crying Cove). It did not take long for the terrain to change to steep rocky grades covered in trees.

There was a whole lot of nothing along this route, until we hit Murdochville. Why was this town even here? Well, it turns out it was a mining town. In 1921, copper was discovered and a mine and a settlement were created, but it took until 1953 for Noranda Mines  to step in to develop the mine and create the town of Murdochville. The open pit copper mine closed in 1999, the smelter in 2002 and 300 jobs were lost. But, the town still exists, with tourism (there are lots of good places for fishing and riding ATVs and snowmobiles). We stopped in town for a brief picnic lunch and then rolled on.



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