September 17/18 – Part 3 – Happy #41

I had chosen Magog for this time frame, as it was our 41st wedding anniversary. We asked our host where the best place to dine would be and he advised us to try Restaurant Pinocchio. The website told us they were open from 11 AM to 10 PM. What it did not say is that they closed between 3 and 5. Arriving at 4:15 (seniors dining hour) we had some time to wait, so headed off to window shop.

Returning at 5:00 PM, we were promptly seated and our waitress came over, telling us the nightly features in French. We used our best French to ask her if she spoke English. She promised to do here best and we promised to use our best effort in French and we coped magnificently. As the night went on and emboldened by wine, my French was much improved (at least to my ear). Overall, a fabulous meal and a wonderful evening.

Happy Anniversary, My Love.



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