September 17/18 – Part 2 -Vignoble Cep d’Argent Winery – Lost somewhere in the Magog Triangle

Perhaps Gertie our GPS was simply trying to tell us we should not be drinking wine, perhaps she was being our conscience. No matter, she sent us on and off Route 10 and Route 55, making us perform illegal U-turns and dangerous left turns. We finally gave up and drove into Magog. At that point, we reset it and it took us the same way we went to this winery in 2015.

We soon arrived and were greeted by……..nobody. Finally hearing voices (not in our head) we headed into the tasting room. There were some other customer there, trying the various wines. Our turn came and we were told we needed tokens and to go back to the entrance to get them. We mentioned there was nobody in there, so our host took us back and we bought the tokens and followed her back to the tasting room. We did our sampling and decided on the wines we wanted. Back to the tasting room to grabs our host to sell us the wines and off we went. I guess that is one of the drawbacks to travelling later in the season. That all being said, we much preferred to wine, rather than whine.



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