September 14/18 – Part 2 – Ottawa – In the Nation’s Capital

We first traveled to Ottawa in 1983 and found it a boring place with few accommodation and food choices. Later trips showed us a vibrant, exciting cosmopolitan city and this trip reinforced that.

Our drive from Carp to Ottawa was fairly uneventful. Gertie, our faithful GPS directed us into the downtown area and to our boutique hotel, the Byward Blue Inn in  the center of the Byward Market. It did not look like much on the surface, but we soon fell in love with the hotel and the area, which was full of bars, restaurants and shops.

The day was a scorcher and we just wanted to get organize and hunker down inside for a while. We soon got the grumblies and decided to visit Ahora, a nearby taqueria for supper. It was pretty basic stuff, but, we were OK with that and even though it was Friday, the place was not busy as were dining at Old People time.

After supper, we wandered through the Byward market for a bit, but the sun was still to hot, so we opted to go back to our hotel until closer to sundown. This view out the window shows the type of neighbourhood the place is located in.


Finally, as dusk started to fall, we set off to see the sights along the Ottawa River. We walked past the US Embassy…


…and the National Gallery of Canada (more on this place in a later post)…


…before arriving at a vantage point over the Ottawa River near the Alexandra Bridge. From here, we had a panoramic view of Parliament Hill, the river and Gatineau, Quebec, just across the river. The Capital Area of Ottawa, is sited along the Ontario/Quebec boundary, somewhat similar to Washington, D.C., but Ottawa does not have its own district per se.

The feature photo and the photo below are of the Houses of Parliament on the bank of the Ottawa River. These buildings were built in stages from 1857-1927. More detailed post to follow at a later date.


The Rideau locks were visible just to the left. These locks join the Ottawa River to the Rideau River through a series of canals and lakes.

DSC02519 With the fine weather, there were plenty of boats out and about (yeah, I know you all think we Canadians pronounce it ooot and aboooot).

The rising moon cast a bit more light as dusk deepened and the sun’s dying rays illuminated the Canadian Museum of History in Hull, Quebec. We sauntered slowly back to our hotel and the A/C. Tomorrow would be another day.



4 thoughts on “September 14/18 – Part 2 – Ottawa – In the Nation’s Capital

  1. I’m laughing at Old People Time. I LOVE Old People Time! My hubs and I fight over this alllll the time. I want to eat at 430-5pm and he acts like if we do so, we’re crossing some invisible line that leads towards getting OLDER (*gasp!) and gets all outraged. I’ve been an old lady since I was like, 20, so whatever! He’s most ridiculous!
    I just love your shot of the Parliament Buildings, wow!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks. We just arrived at our hotel in Montreal after a harrowing drive in through torn up streets which were likely smoother than the ones still open. Car is now parked for 3 nights and we shall happily travel on foot or Metro for the duration. We are soon to head out the door to a Salvadoran restaurant in time for old people time supper and a huge pitcher of Sangria. Thanks for commenting on the blog and photo and for reading. Allan


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