Friends of Old and Edmonton ABCs

Back in our 20’s (boy, is that a long time ago), we and two other couples were almost inseparable. We got together almost every weekend at one of our houses for gourmet food, wine and conversation. We went camping together, skiing together, on vacations together and we really enjoyed every moment together.

As time progressed, life’s obligations resulted in the 3 couples being in different cities in Canada and eventually in different hemispheres. We have phoned, written, Skyped and visited to keep in touch. The visits are sometimes few and far between, but when we get together, we pick up right where we left off, as if we just saw each other.

Now, I am not saying that maintaining these friendships over time and distance is effortless, but like everything of value, the moments we get together are well worth the effort. Given the passage of 40 years, we are now more mature (old), but we all agree that we are not Old Friends. We are Friends of Old. See what I did there?

So it was when M & P from New Zealand told us they were coming to Canada, both couples wanted to ensure our schedules did not get in the way of a good visit. They had 2 days open for us and we packed every minute full of fun, conversation, food and wine. Lots of wine.  As the old saying goes…”There is never enough wine when you are with good friends”. On our full day together, we opted to show them how Edmonton has changed since they were last here. This is where my ABCs kick in.

A is for the Angles of the City Hall skylight


B is for the Blooms all around the city.


C is for the Cranes building the new LRT bridge.DSC00778

D is for David Thompson, a surveyor, fur trader and explorer of this part of the world. This art installation commemorates his accomplishments.


E is for Edmonton Art Gallery with wavy roof lines like the Aurora.


F is for the Funicular that now connects the downtown to the river valley.


G is for photos on Glass commemorating Edmonton’s past.


H is for Hotel MacDonald from a bygone era.


I is for Iron Foot Place, a 75′ diameter mural by renowned artist Alex Janvier.


J is for the new high towers you can see from Just about anywhere in the city.


K is for the Kaleidoscope of colours in this new mural by Spanish street artists.


L is for the Alberta Legislature Building at the end of Capitol Boulevard.


M is for the Okuda San Miguel Mural by the Old Strathcona Market


N is for North Saskatchewan River valley that winds through the city.


O is for Old Strathcona where our walk was too brief.


P is for a Picture Perfect Day.


Q is for Quite a few photos on glass in this art installation on Capitol Boulevard.


R is for Rogers Place community Rink, where the Edmonton Oilers practice.


S is for Stack of rock types in this art installation on Capitol Boulevard.


T is for Tres Carneles Mexican Cantina with yummy food and Cerveza.


U is for Union Jack flying above the Alberta Legislature


V is for Vegetation by the new Royal Alberta Museum


W is for Sir Winston Churchill Square in downtown Edmonton.


X is for eXactly where we want to be.


Y is for is for happY birthdaY to You.


Z is for the Zillions of sparkles from the glass in these sidewalks at the new Royal Alberta Museum.





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