Everyone Deserves a Good Paddling – Jasper in August

In the good old days (there, I’ve said it), I would often take one or both boys out on the water in a paddle (pedal) boat or on a water trike. Given our size difference, I recall that a good part of the effort was mine, but we all had fun, especially when I let one of them drive us around in circles.

Imagine my surprise, when Brian expressed an interest in taking a paddle boat out on Pyramid Lake, which looks fairly calm in this photo from earlier in the day.

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So, it was that we headed to Pyramid Lake Resort in mid afternoon to fulfill this wish. All fitted out in life jackets…


…and after I made a slight detour for this photo…DSC00581

…we were off.


The first thing I noticed is that I definitely had an equal, if not superior pedaling partner. Brian is an avid bicyclist and he was not long back from the Netherlands, where he cycled up to 100 km a day. His legs were meant for this machine. It turns out that I managed to hold my own, as well, once we both readjusted the seat position.

Not sure if we both decided this early on, but we headed for the bridge joining the mainland to Pyramid Island, a distance of just over a kilometer as the crow flies. But, we were not a crow and I am pretty sure my steering abilities did not make for the shortest route. Each time we passed a point of land, the waves got a bit bigger and the wind got a bit stronger. We arrived at the bridge in about 25 minutes and sat there relaxing for a bit. We started off slowly on the return trip at first and as we appeared to be trapped in the wave action, kept pedaling harder and harder, wondering if we would make it back. One could say, we did not know if we were coming or going.


At long last we made it out of the flow and were off back to the dock, encountering even bigger waves along the way before passing the last point. A great day to be on the lake and a great workout.


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