Pyramid Overlook Hike – Jasper in August

Sunday dawned a bit clearer, so after coffee and breakfast, we headed off to Whistlers to help break camp. This completed, we were left what to do with our half day and agreed upon a hike up the Pyramid Overlook trail.

Pyramid Mountain was starting to show her face through the haze (feature photo) and there was only a slight smell of smoke as we arrived at the trailhead.


There were only a few mosquitoes about this early in the day, but we decided to spray our exposed skin with a non-DEET repellent and proceeded up the trail, which was a bit more of an incline that I recalled.


We paused for the requisite Red Chair pix and to admire the expanding view, before proceeding on.


Liam, our resident rock climber decided to gain some more elevation by climbing a tree.


it was a fine day. The birds that were absent during our June hike were out in full force, but still hidden from view. Mushrooms of every description were popping up along the trail.


The morning sun did not have much heat, but was adding a nice glow, unfettered by smoke.



Wild \flowers and berries were in abundance, especially the Smooth Blue Asters.


Running short of time, we opted to head back down after about 1.5 kilometers.


admiring these views, before driving on.



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