September 12/18 – Minden to Kingston – Cottage Country Morning

I have long heard about Ontario cottage country and in particular, the beauty of the area around Muskoka. It is close enough to Metro Toronto to make weekend cottage getaways easy, but far enough away to to take city dweller’s minds off the daily grind.

I was fortunate enough to know someone from my previous work life and receive an invitation to visit on our cross Canada trip. Awakening early, just after sunrise, I wandered down on the dock to capture this image of the awakening of Soyer Lake. Crows cawed, ducks quacked and loons wailed. The water was still and the morning mist just starting to rise. I can certainly see the appeal.

What is your favourite escape from the weekday office blues?


6 thoughts on “September 12/18 – Minden to Kingston – Cottage Country Morning

  1. Beautiful picture, how I miss the water… favorite escape from the weekday office blues is my neighbour’s deck with a good bottle of wine… and interesting conversations, wonderful neighbours, great time!


  2. Thanks Colleen. Here is wishing you some warm weather soon, so we can reconvene on our deck for wine when e return. +17 here today and sunny. Stay tuned for more water shots. Allan and Pat


  3. Lovely! We spend so much time at work during the week that just hanging out at home on the weekends, walking the dogs in the park, is enough of an escape. When we actually leave town for a vacation it’s usually a jam packed itinerary…fun, but not relaxing lol


  4. Being retired, we are fortunate in summer to be able to go places during the week in summer. So, when the weekend comes and everyone else leaves town, we stay and enjoy the quiet of our yard. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


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