Whistlers Campground – Jasper

Our first stop in Jasper was at Patricia Lake Bungalows (more on this in another post), where the parents were staying for the weekend. After we got sorted out, we set off to get the Whistler Campground campsite set up for B & K.

I have camped in Jasper in the past (at Wapiti and Snaring campgrounds), but do not believe I have ever camped in this campground. After a short wait at the registration booth, we were checked in and set off to find the site.

Whistlers campground was constructed in the 1960s. There are 781 sites here on 45 loops, 27 washroom buildings, 2 shower buildings, 1 gender neutral building and 13 picnic shelters. There is also a newly redeveloped amphitheatre.

As we drove in, the first thing that struck me was how many trees had already been devastated by the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation. The affected trees were in various states of decomposition from red to grey.

Finding our site B7, there was not much privacy due to the number of affected trees and given we were erecting a tent, we hoped it would not be a windy night causing branches to fall off. The entire campground is being shut down in 2019, so the diseased trees can be removed, roads, paths and buildings rehabilitated. This closure, while necessary, will put a real strain on all Jasper accommodation in 2019.

All that being said, it was to be the home for our “kids” for the next 2 nights, so we started setting up the tent (mentioned in a previous post). Having done a dry run, I looked like I knew what I was doing and it was much easier having extra hands about.

Where is your favourite camp site?

Mission accomplished, we set off to Famoso for a pizza supper, while we waited for the rest of our group to arrive from Edmonton. Supper over, we dropped back to our cabin to wait. It was not long before we headed back to the campground for a campfire night.

Now, given the amount of forest fire smoke in the air, we found it surprising that the fire risk was low. We also found it strange to sit around a smoky fire in the smoky air, but a campfire is a required part of camping…DSC00199

…along with Jiffy Pop…

…Smores… (sorry no pix) and sitting around staring into the flames.



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