Campy – Jasper in August

We recently had a family get together in Jasper and our accommodations were varied. Mom and Dad stayed in a cabin. B and K from Vancouver, made use of our old tent that has been in storage for 20 years and L and A made use of their VW Westfalia. No matter where they take it, heads turn and people ask to have their photos taken with it. we would not have believed how frequently, except we saw one family walk right up after they arrived in the campground and ask if they could take a photo. They then asked for the sliding door to be opened so they could make like they were camping in it. Nobody can deny this microbus is cute.



Cute little Rosalie,

sleeps two quite cozily.

Drive into camp and stop,

need a bed, pop the top.

On cold days, she’s cranky,

wait a bit, turn the key.

After a slight protest,

she comes to life with zest

She’s not quite the fastest,

but she is still the best.






6 thoughts on “Campy – Jasper in August

  1. Thanks Lynette. My son has put a lot of work into tuning it up and they baby it. A great little vehicle if you don’t think about safety devices. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


    1. The safety device is that it doesn’t go very fast, and is big and yellow enough to get us the attention of even the most distracted drivers =).


  2. You are right, of course. The fact is, once people see t they want to have their photo with it and thus are actually paying attention. You are talking to a kid who growing up was held in his Mother’s arms in the front seat as a wee babe, bounce around the whole car as a toddler and young child, unrestrained by seat belts and was often put to sleep on the rear package shelf on long drives home. We never had an incident or collision. And, yet after seatbelts were introduced and I was not wearing one at 21 in my first collision, I suffered whiplash. The times, they have changed. Either way, you have a great ride. Hope you are both well. We are in Thunder Bay this AM and off to Wawa tonight. Love Dad and Mom


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