Beaver Boardwalk – Hinton

On our drive, we started looking for a picnic lunch stop about 3 hours in. None of the roadside facilities met the requirement for non traffic scenery. A bit of Googling brought up the Beaver Boardwalk in Hinton. It was slightly off the road and despite this, none of our group had ever been here. After parking, we walked in a short distance and found a bench in the shade. Smoke from the forest fires partially blocked the sunshine, but, it was still a hot day.

After munching some lunch, we walked in a bit for a view of the area. We were surprised how large it was and will be back when we have a bit more time to spare. Limited parking is available here, but the adjacent streets should provide enough for out-of-town visitors.

There were plenty of wild flowers (translation: weeds)…


…a few ducks…


…and lots of boardwalks, beaver dams and water. Not to mention, the mosquitoes.




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