It Didn’t Dawn on Me

I’d like to tell you I had a great sleep last night, but that would be a lie. New pillow, house shut up tight against the wildfire smoke and related respiratory issues. Nonetheless, I got up just after 6 AM to find the house totally dark, to the point where I had to put the lights on. What the Heck? This is not supposed to happen yet. Then I recalled that there was no dawn chorus to awaken me from my fitful slumber and in fact still no birds singing. There was not a breath of wind and everything had this strange eerie yellow glow about it.

A light finally went on when I looked out the window. Not a light outside, a light in my brain. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, smoke had deepened above us over night and while the air did not smell that smokey, it was only a matter of time. I checked the sunrise times. Hmmmmmmmmm, 6:15. At 6:15, I went out to take a few pix of the brilliant sunrise. It never came. Just darkness.

6:45 came, it was still dark. 7: 15 came…dark. 8:15 came…dark. If this kept up, I was going to have to mow the lawns in the dark or at least use a headlamp.

Yard work accomplished and back in doors. The smoke is all-pervading now. You can not avoid it, even inside the house. The News is telling us that this may be the new normal for summer now. I sure hope that this is Fake News.

What has the summer weather been like in your neck of the woods?

It Didn’t Dawn on Me

It didn’t dawn on me that there would soon come days,

when my morning sunrise would be obscured by greys.

No dawn chorus of chickadees, robins and jays,

to wake me up early to a warm summer haze.

No floral breeze wafting in, to caress my face,

we coughed and teared and hacked and sneezed all about the place.

We huddle inside awaiting winds to displace,

the smoke, while we solemnly pray for God’s good grace.



7 thoughts on “It Didn’t Dawn on Me

  1. We lived through about a month of smoke. No windows open – air conditioning and fans on all the time. The constant smell of camp fire smoke. I love the smell of a camp fire – but not a months worth. No walks and only going outside to water the plants and then come right back in. If it’s true what they say – that it’s the new normal for us – then I would consider moving somewhere else. But that would be hard – as there was no where to get away from it.

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  2. Sorry to hear those fires are still going strong. My family in San Francisco say the smoke has cleared at this point by them. And in our neck of the woods we’ve had nothing but rain, heat waves and humidity all summer, so we’ve been holed up with the AC on too. The mosquitoes have taken on epic proportions…they’re actually bothering the dogs too!

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  3. Yikes. Our mosquitoes are dead, as the cooler nights have slowed them down. Fall is happening in our neck of the woods already. I feel like I missed 3 weeks of August due to the smoke. Time to head East for a longer warmer fall. Tanks for reading and commenting. Allan


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