Beaumont – Don Sparrow Lake – no Ordinary Walk in the Park

We took an early morning walk with our soon to depart houseguest. Given our company the heat, our pace was slower and our walk shorter than usual. Still, lots to see and do.

The Path Less Taken

Out for a walk, summer morn’s heat still creating sweat

moving so slowly, yet, we were perceived as a threat

by a goose family walking along three by three.

Gander approaching, one wrong move and you’re HISS-tory.

We backed slowly away to get distance from this group,

happy our new path was less cluttered with green goose poop.




Given the number of geese we saw in the park, we knew this would not be our last diversion. It was a loop path after all. Along the way, we spotted many of the other birds I have featured in my previous posts. No cute chicks around anymore and no red- winged blackbirds at all. They had flown the nest, so to speak.




The day was hazy from forest B.C. fire smoke and although the sun shone, the light was muted, creating interesting reflections on the still water.




Now, into August, the greens were more muted and there were fewer flowers, mostly weeds. Still, some beauty was around.






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