With our current house guest, life has had to be a bit slower paced, but, it has perhaps given us a glimpse into our own future. We always enjoy showing off our city to guests and this time was no different, except for the slower pace. We may not like the thought of having to take a slower pace, but perhaps we’d best get our heads around it and enjoy our travels now.

This poem came to me as I lay awake this morning, recalling our walk around Edmonton’s downtown. So much is new and things are changing so quickly in this city. What does it seem like to someone who knew it from almost 70 years ago?


I first came to this place when much younger,

filled with fear, anxiety and hunger.

With good luck, strong will and lots of hard work,

I made my way, my duties I’d not shirk.

I met someone who soon became my wife,

found home, raised family, made a new life.

Retiring at last, I was my own boss,

my family now grown, there’s been some loss.

Travelling back to Ireland’s far off shores,

renewing acquaintance from times of yore.

When coming home, my ocean dreams recurred,

off to the Island, I’d not be deterred.

After some time there, becoming lonely

something was missing, what if, if only,

I could go back to where it all began,

I’d travel back East, it was a good plan.

But, on this visit, with now opened eyes,

arenas, museums, tall buildings rise.

Children all grown and their children are too,

forced me to admit many things were new.

Passing time has taken me far away,

it all feels strange, just like on that first day.













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