Son of a Birch

Nothing but a stump

where once a mighty birch stood.

A new tree rises.


July 28/18


Alas, this new young life was not to be. Around August 10th, I looked out the window and saw a branch lying on the ground. Not realizing what it was, I simply placed it in the compost bin. The next day, I was horrified to see that the new shoot was gone. Then the light went on. Not sure if wind, cats, dogs or people helped it meet its demise.

In fact I hadn’t a twig of an idea what happened. I just could not root it out. Maybe a passerby had gotten trunk and stump-led into it by mistake. What was I to do with this new branch of the birch family tree? I couldn’t just bark at the suspected perpetrators. I couldn’t just leave it there. I had to treed it with some respect. What wood you have done in my place?


6 thoughts on “Son of a Birch

  1. Sorry to hear about your tree Allan. I doubt it would have been a cat or dog – but distressed to think that a person would have cut it down. But birch trees are resilient – I’m sure another branch will come forth again. When it does – you could protect it by putting some sort of barrier around it. Our Linden tree in the back yard always has new growth coming forth from the bottom of it. And as it is taller than the house now – Terry always cuts them off. We don’t need to have it any bigger than it is already. Hugs


  2. It will remain a mystery. We really hoped this one would take, as we want a tree back there. Oh well. Hope all is well with you both. We are just back from a weekend in Jasper with the kids. Great time, but smoky. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


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