Beaumont – Perimeter Cycle

Funny thing about Canadians. We spend all winter wishing the summer would come and when it gets here, all we do is complain…too rainy…too windy…too hot…too many mosquitoes…all of the foregone choices. So it was that this past July Sunday, we opted to cycle, rather than walk. Pat’s knees were feeling better, there was a light breeze and it was not yet stifling hot.

Our favourite route is a cycle around the perimeter of this small town, a distance of approximately 14 km (almost 9 miles). I say approximate, because Beaumont has been growing so much lately and has so many walking and cycle paths, Google apparently can not keep up.

One last thing. Beaumont is affectionately known as Blow-mont. You know the old story about the old-timer that had to walk 5 miles to school and 5 miles back each day and it was uphill both ways. Well, in Beaumont, it would seem no matter which direction you cycle, you are always riding into the wind. Must be that darn hill. Oh, well, I will leave you with the sights we saw this day.

Riding from home to the North (wind in our face), then West to town boundary (wind in our face) and South to 50th Street (wind in our face). It does not take long to get rural.

Farmer making hay while the sun shines.

Red-tailed hawk watching for a critter to skitter out of the field as said farmer makes hay. Or perhaps, he was simply enjoying the thermals.

Southwest storm water pond where many ducks and geese raise their families.


A local taking his vintage roadster for a cruise.


Once you are across 50th Street on the South end, it does not take long before the canola fields come right up to the houses, as you ride East (wind in our face).



Riding East on 50th Avenue to the edge of town, Range Road 241.


At this point, we have a fair distance to ride on the road, as we head North (wind in our face). But the speed limit is only 60 km/h and drivers are courteous. The fields shimmer in the morning sun.



At Country Club Drive, the bike path starts back up again and there are a few good downhill sections where you can get speed up to climb the next hill. Fields of yellow Canola everywhere.


At 814, we head back West. Strange, the wind is still in our faces. We have to stop at 50th Street to wait for the light.


Through the light and on West toward the Town Public Works Yards…


It was interesting to see the new downtown high-rises popping up above the Canola fields. They are 21 km (about 13 miles) away as the crow flies from where I took this photo.


…near where we can soon pop back into town and home South (wind in our face) around our nearest storm water pond. No Herons or Pelicans here today.


Distance travelled – 14 km

Time elapsed – about an hour, although we did stop for a long time to watch the red-tailed hawk. Likely about 50 minutes riding time.

Disclaimer: The photos are from 2 different days (4 days apart).


2 thoughts on “Beaumont – Perimeter Cycle

  1. Definitely heat haze, work day smog and likely the start of our smoke. Little did we know how bad it would get. 2 days last week at 10.5 on a 10 point scale. Like smoking 10 cigarettes. Better today, but smoke is returning. Rain in a couple of days may fix that.


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