Beaumont, Alberta – Rural Roots

The Town of Beaumont had humble agricultural origins. It was founded in 1895 as a French farming community. We moved here in 1991 when the population was 4,200. Now, the population is 18,320 and City status will come to pass in 2019. All that being said, the town’s rural heritage can not be forgotten. You only need stand on top of the hill (Beau Mont means beautiful hill in French) by St. Vital church to see the farm fields spreading out on all sides.

I, too, have rural roots, spending at least half my childhood on farms around Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, as my Dad struggled to make a go of farming. While I have never been drawn back to the rural lifestyle, I can certainly appreciate the beauty of the agricultural landscape. I took a little drive today to enjoy the beautiful gold and green patchwork under the strong summer sun. Along the way, I found a few surprises.

This barn (just outside the town’s South boundary) has seen better days



Canola fields are the perfect spot to place bee hives. So many flowers, so few bees.

Speaking of bees, they also love clover and alfalfa flowers, although there were not many left after this hay crop was cut.


Apparently, huge fields of field peas are grown near Beaumont. Who knew?


Beaumont is encircled by large fields of brilliant yellow Canola under spreading summer skies of blue.

Here, from this SE vantage point, St. Vital Church seems to be sprouting out of the Canola fields.


Even the tiny wildflowers along the road mimic the colour of the Canola flowers.


When it comes to being noticed, the other crops never stand a chance. But, these stands of  barley with their beards are still quite attractive. Even better when brewed into a fine local craft beer, methinks.




4 thoughts on “Beaumont, Alberta – Rural Roots

  1. Thanks Lynette. No. I actually post after the photo date. Pix were taken on July 14 before the smoke got here. In Jasper right now. 2 very smoky days, but today is fine. Thanks for reading. Allan


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