Gaggled – (Bird Series – Part 5)

When I see the size of the gosling population this year, both in Vancouver and Beaumont, I think that Canada Geese must be kinda like rabbits. Honestly, as we bicycled around Beaumont, we saw 4 adults and 19 goslings crossing the street.

Look out for the goose poop express on our sidewalks next year. (Follow up: Never mind next year, as the chicks get bigger, their output tops that of good old Mom and Dad). The sidewalks around the lake and storm ponds are a definite green hazard right now).

Canada Geese adults are between 75-110 cm (30-43 in) in length with a wing span of 127-185 cm (50-73 in) and a weight of 2.6-6.5 kg (5.7-14.3 pounds).  No wonder Fabio was no longer so pretty after getting goosed on a roller coaster ride.

Fabio and Goose

The Canada Goose breeds in Canada and Northern US and winters in the Southern US and Northern Mexico, a range of some 5,000 km (3,125 miles).

What is that ahead,

jaywalking across the street?

Danger, Geese crossing!


I know many East Coast U.S. cities look on these birds as a pest. Can’t say as I blame them. Let me know if you have them in your area or if not, which species of geese you have in your area. We saw the Greylag in Iceland last year and they were really quite beautiful.


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