Summer – Al Fresco

Hot summery days

make dining outdoors a treat.

A “Nice” taste of France.


My Patty makes a mean Salade Nicoise. What is your favourite summer dinner?


13 thoughts on “Summer – Al Fresco

  1. Agreed. You gotta cool off somehow. I think we are getting a bit of BC forest fire smoke here today. Hazy and a bit smoky smelling. Hope some rain comes soon to help out the fire fighters in NA. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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  2. We had some good Washington peaches and cream corn on the cob in July, but the the kernels are too big and starchy right now. The Taber sweet corn should be due in the area soon and it is the best. Good growing season with less rain but rain at appropriate times. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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  3. Thankyou. The salad reminds me of our trips to Nice, warm, soft breezes and good wine, but best of all, all, a cool salad Nicoise on a hot, summery day. Thank you for reading and commenting. Allan


  4. One of my favourite salads! Everything looks so beautiful.

    I’m pretty partial to a simple protein on the BBQ and salad in the summer. Any combo, any kind.

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