Beaumont – Don Sparrow Lake (Bird Series – Part 3)

The Red-winged Blackbird is prolific in our area in spring and summer. They tend to breed in the reed beds surround lakes and ponds and while you will often see the male (for which the species is named, you may not see much of the female until the chicks have hatched. If, like me, you are too close to the nest, you will see them both. First, they do the walk, flutter, fly routine to lead you away without giving out the location of the nest. If this does not work, they will scold you from closer range and if this still does not work, they will do mock dives at you. I did not wait around to see if they would take it a step further and actually hit me. The chicks were never visible. The male has a very recognizable pretty call and you can hear it all over Alberta’s marshland. The female has more of a scolding chatter. I have no comment on that. They winter as far South as Northern Cost Rica 5,400 km (3,375 miles) away.

Nothing to See Here

There is nothing to see here, please go away,

if you keep pestering, you will rue the day.

We politely lead you off on wild goose chase,

if you hang around, we will flap in your face.



6 thoughts on “Beaumont – Don Sparrow Lake (Bird Series – Part 3)

  1. Thank you. Appreciate your feedback. Summer is such a great time to be walking around with a camera. I will shortly be leaving for a 2 month car trip across Canada and back. looking forward to some new subject material. Thanks for reading. Allan


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