Beaumont – Don Sparrow Lake (Bird Series – Part 2)

In my haste to take bird photos, I stepped a bit too close to the shore line and was assailed by a very loud clacking sound. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied three tiny orange shapes that were so ugly, they were cute…er….coot. I had seen the adult birds here many times before and did not know the bird name at that time. They are American coots and they do travel to cooler areas during breeding season. Their winter home can be as far South as Panama which is 5,800 km (3,600 miles) away.

If an adult bird is called a Coot, is a baby bird a Cootie? Do you have coots in your part of the world?

No Coot Like an Old Coot

Do not come closer

or I will peck out your eyes.

Babies overboard.



2 thoughts on “Beaumont – Don Sparrow Lake (Bird Series – Part 2)

  1. Thankyou. The first time I saw coot chicks was in Bakewell, England. Little did I know they also live in a pond in in my own home town. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


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