Distant thunder

as billowing clouds blunder

high into the brilliant blue sky.

Promised relief

from summer’s stifling heat grief

as soft solstice zephyrs whisper nigh.

Shade giving way

to brighter solar display,

pale moon looks down from on high.

No fun at all

longing for cool days of fall,

we head indoors with a sigh.


Do you ever contemplate clouds? Do you enjoy a good thunderstorm display?


7 thoughts on “Moody

  1. Ponder the clouds ? Humm – not usually. But doesn’t everyone love a good thunderstorm. ?? To me there is nothing better than sitting on the deck listening to the thunder boom. Of course – being here amongst the wild fires – the lightening is not a good thing. But right now we have rain – so that should help the fire fighters get a hold of them. Congratulations on your nomination.

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  2. Good commentary. Out on the deck with a good glass of wine and a few thunder boomers can be magical. Or is that just the wine. Hmmmmmmm. Agree with you on the fire thing. In our case, it was hail and the threat of tornadoes. Thanks for commenting and reading. Allan.

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