Beaumont – Don Sparrow Lake (Bird Series – Part 1)

We bicycled around the lake this AM, when I did not have my camera. My Patty has good eyes and spotted some Cormorants on the lake. What were they doing here? I went back later in the AM and captured these shots with my camera. It turns out that the Double crested Cormorants nests in Northern Alberta. In the fall, they migrate to Belize. This is a distance of almost 4,500 km (2,800 miles), as the Cormorant flies.

Our little lake is stocked with trout, so it looks like the local fishermen may have a bit of competition over the summer.

Cormorant Cottage Country

Why do we come here? We really don’t know.

This pond is warm, so we go with the flow.

Some nice people stocked this little blue lake,

rest assured, our share of fish we will take.

Late in the fall, just before the big freeze,

we are out of here, to sunny Belize.


What unique birds have you seen in your part of the world?



2 thoughts on “Beaumont – Don Sparrow Lake (Bird Series – Part 1)

  1. My office is in an industrial part of New Jersey, on a section of the Hackensack River called the Meadowlands. If you watched the Sopranos, it’s where the mafia buried a lot of the bodies. When we first moved into the building with a view of the marshy river’s edge, we were shocked to see herons and egrets and cormorants all hanging out grabbing fish in a place we’d assumed there weren’t any.

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  2. What a great view from your office. Yes, birds are smarter than the average human, I think. We have had herons and pelicans in Beaumont, in addition to other birds. I never thought I would see them here. Thanks for reading and your comment. Allan


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