Jasper – Athabasca River

A strange phenomenon exists just inside the Eastern Jasper National Park boundary. The Athabasca River flattens out into a broad plain and the shallow water flows lazily along looking cool and inviting. On most warm days, you will see people wading and splashing around. We opted to give it a try after our failed Overlander hike.

Walking on Water

Athabasca flows

lazily along the flats.

Waders are refreshed.


This concludes my Jasper series for now. What is your favourite spot to visit in Jasper or elsewhere?



12 thoughts on “Jasper – Athabasca River

  1. Lovely photos of Jasper Allan. I remember when we were just starting to date – we decided just to drive up for the day. Had never been before. Four hours there and four hours back. Lot of driving for two kids to do in one day. But as beautiful as the scenery is – our favorite place is the Oregon Coast – bar none. There is nothing more relaxing for the soul as walking on an ocean beach. Keep up the good work.

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  2. Hey, thanks for answering my question Ann. Time trapped in a car is quality time, especially when you are dating. All my posts came mostly from our Fathers’ Day drive. So much beauty to see in one day. Agree on the oregon Coast. We have to get back there someday. Also, any place on the New Zealand coast. So much unspoiled beauty with nobody around. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


  3. Ive always wondered about that spot! Is it deeper farther out? I really want to go explore it now!

    Jasper was my very first love. We went there often as a family when I was a child and I remember being in AWE of how the mountains were RIGHT THERE. Ive being trying to find the exact spot that impressed me so much as a child but as of yet, I haven’t. Its alright though, just means I have to keep exploring until I do.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. You are right. We have been to Jasper at least a hundred times and on each trip, we always see something new. I like Jasper so much more than Banff. Driving 4 hours is worth the wide open spaces and lack of people. Thanks for reading. Allan

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    2. Just realized I did not respond to your ? I have seen people walk completely across. I think it is shallow in summer and fall. Not sure about during late spring runoff. Could be a dangerous walk.

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  4. Thankyou. I had forgotten what photos I took that weekend and when I saw them this morning, they almost looked unreal. It was great light in the late afternoon. Thanks for reading and your comment Lynette. Allan


  5. Beautiful photos, Allan! I love splashing around in the water and having such gorgeous scenery all around.. My favourite spot a bit similar to this is Marsa Alam in Egypt. Beautiful, crystal blue water surrounded by red mountains off in the distance.

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  6. Thank you. Jasper is such a beautiful place. Thanks for telling me about your favourite place. Hope to see a post on it. It sounds delightful. Thanks for reading Dee. Allan


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