Beaumont – What the Hail?

July 20/18. Not long after my Beautiful Garden post, our super hot summer weather turned into some super severe summer weather with Thunderstorm watches and warnings, potential for large hail, damaging winds and possible tornadoes.

It started off with heavy winds and rain, graduating to pea-sized hail and some quarter to golf ball size hail. Other areas had tennis ball sized hail, so I think we may have been lucky. The temperature dropped from +26C to +12C in about 30 minutes.

Reposing serenely on a sunny summer day,

when a glance to the North showed dark clouds coming our way.

It started off slowly with scattered drops of sweet rain,

but soon the wind picked up like the roar of a freight train.

At first, barely detectable clangs on the deck roof,

then, white bouncing balls of ice gave definitive proof.

Storm noise rose to a crescendo, it began to pour

the rain went horizontal, we headed for the door.

Then came repeated sounds we had hoped never to hear

loud bangs on roof and bouncing ice cubes on lawn, Oh Dear.

By this point, the air developed a definite chill,

we only hoped the hail our vegetables would not kill.

There came a lull in the storm and we sighed with relief,

but another wave was upon us, more hail, good grief.

The din at last died down as the evening progressed,

it was safe for a quick walk around the block, we guessed.

We sauntered along slowly, dressed in shorts and rain coats,

glad it was all over before we needed lifeboats.

By the time we had walked back home to our own front door,

the dark clouds had parted, summer sun shining once more.









4 thoughts on “Beaumont – What the Hail?

  1. Nobody thinks there can be crazy weather here, but from time to time we get surprises. Never seen hail this size before, even during the 1987 tornado that killed 23 people. It is a lot cooler lately, so fingers crossed that is the end of the bad weather. Thanks for reading. Allan


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