Sad Day – Requiem for an Old Friend

We Were Once Young

I recall the first day you came into our lives,

young and supple at first, you grew straight, tall and thrived.

You were there each day, standing firmly in your place,

your very presence bringing big smiles to my face.

Green in spring, gold in fall and stark white in winter,

with tears in eyes, I watched you wither and splinter.

I’d always hoped you’d be there as we both grew old,

but, 25 years was your lifetime, I was told.

So, on that fateful day with ropes and saws in hand,

your mortal realm exit, very carefully planned.

Cut down in the prime of life, you never complained,

as with a few deft cuts, you left this earthly plane.

And so my friend as I bid you one last adieu,

I will think of you always and wish you still grew.

No grand funeral for you in an ornate church,

your lot in life was to be a green leafy birch.



6 thoughts on “Sad Day – Requiem for an Old Friend

    1. ooh a lilac – love lilacs. Unfortunately we loose our lilac tree to the new neighbors. The tree ended up being in their yard. Maybe they will let me cut some flowers off next summer

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