Vancouver – Cycling the False Creek Seawall and Smithe Street (on our last legs?)

This last portion came with a task from our travelling son. Could we please ride these portions (recently constructed or under construction) and send a few photos. As he was on vacation and should not be thinking about work, we probably should not have done this. But, I, as a former Project Manager know that your brain will stay in vacation mode better, if you can just see that your projects are not cratering while you are gone. So, we happily complied.

The South False Creek Seawall path had been closed for a number of months while major renos were completed to better separate, cyclists, pedestrians and cars. I must say, we approved. The new path was incredibly smooth and not having to bike over loose flagstones at certain points was a real bonus.

Having an E-bike made it easy for us to get up onto the Cambie Bridge deck. This cycle project was not yet under way but should be shortly. It will make cycling and walking much safer, with minimal impact to the car traffic. Coming down onto Smithe, we could have benefited from some signage to tell us which cycle ramp to take. We (I) rode down and back up the wrong one first, before hitting it right. Once on Smithe, you could see all the green bicycle lane paint gleaming ahead. Some line markings and signals were yet to be done. And a few drivers needed to get a bit more familiar about the hazards of blocking the lane with their cars.

After the photo tour, we flipped over to Robson and back down to False Creek for the home run ride up Hornby separated bike lane back to Cycle City. Our son gave us some hints on how to get back to the seawall (Smithe bike lane is one way), but I found my ever increasing knowledge of the area helped me make the right turns without knowing all the whys and wherefores. Hornby bike lane achieved, we easily climbed the grade and rode through increasing rush hour traffic back to the rental place, just in time to squeak in under the half day rental rate. Total distance cycled was 51.5 km (just over 32 miles). Not bad for 2 old farts on E-bikes.

South False Creek Seawall wildlife

South False Creek scenes

From the Cambie Bridge

North False Creek Seawall

The home run up Hornby



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