Vancouver – Cycle Paths – Arbutus Greenway

Ancient cyclist’s proverb…..

Give two old farts bicycles and they will ride.

Give two old farts E-bikes and even after 26.2 km, they think they can ride forever.

The Arbutus Greenway is a cycle and walking path created on a former rail line spur that runs 9 km from 1st Street near Granville Island to Milton Street near the Fraser River, within sight of the Vancouver Airport. Being a former rail line, grades are gradual and manageable and the track is divided between walkers and cyclists by a solid paint line.

We first rode here in February 2017 after a big snowfall. It was a bit icy and slushy and some curb cuts, signals and bike/ped priority systems were not yet in place. We were amazed how much easier the ride was today, with less stopping and diversion for cross traffic. BEWARE — you still need to watch for cars, turning traffic, texting taxi drivers, etc. Sometimes, they just plain do not see you. Take your own safety in hand and it will be a safe beautiful, collision free ride.

Wildflowers have been strewn along the path and in places, it is a magical scene to behold in the brilliant May sunshine. Due to some construction yesterday, we only rode 8 km up and back for a total of 16 km. Photos for your viewing pleasure.

Sample street crossing


View of Burrard Inlet from the high point

Photos of the wildflowers


a sculpture of our Prime Minister?


and the wildflower photographer, thanks to his patient wife



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